I’ve been playing in a trio setting since my professional debut in Paris in 1996, where I used to play weekly at the club “Studio des Islettes”, with Jo Quitzke on drums and Sebastien Gastine on Double-Bass.

A lot of great and stylistically diverse drummers and bassists have played in the trio, among them: Francisco Mela, Peter Slavov, Ferenc Nemeth, Peer Wyboris, Mario Rossy, Oscar Stagnaro, Tom Warburton, Jorge Perez-Albela, Brad Barret, Dmitri Skidanov, Andi Moetz, Edward Perez, Gonzalo Tejada, Jo Krause, Victor Celada, Julien Augier to name a few.

I currently live in Paris, having studied and worked in Holland, in the US, in Barcelona, in Madrid and in the Basque Country before.

Nowadays the trio features Olivier Robin on drums and Zacharie Abraham on double bass.

The new repertory is pretty eclectic although it keeps an overall coherence and homogeneity. It features stylistic influences ranging from Post-Bop American straight-ahead Jazz, latin or flamenco touches, ECM types of moods, to the Rock, Funk and Soul grooves that I listened to as a teenager.

The control of dynamics, the groove, as well as playing a varied repertoire that is at the same time rooted in tradition and innovative are some of the qualities of this young but experimented trio which will please any listener from the novice to the most experienced.

The influences from « Classical » music (western composers of written tradition) which I practice and listen to regularly are also present in my writing and playing: I also have another project untitled « Classics à la Jazz », which consists of a series of arrangements of classical works in different rhythms for a Jazz ensemble.

You’ll find more info about it in the “Pedagogy” tab.