“Blue & Latin 6-tet”, directed by Jon Urrutia Monnot:

 Jon Urrutia Monnot: Piano/Keyboards, Composition and arrangements

Coki Sarria: Percussion

Julien Augier: Drums

Arthur Decloedt: Double Bass

Josiah Woodson: Trumpet

Ricardo Izquierdo: Tenor Sax

The name of the sextet comes from a concert we did at the “Berklee Performance Center” in 1999.This was my first sextet project, which featured Oscar Stagnaro (e-bass), Francisco Mela (Drums), Gustavo Beaujardin (Percussion), Patrick Cornelius (Alto Sax), Peter Slavov (Double-Bass), Monica Benito (Vocals),Tuti Fernandez (Flamenco Guitar) & Jose Mena (Cajón). I decided to call the band “Latin & blue” due to the main influences of the music: Blue as “Blue Note’, Hardbop or US Black American Music and Latin as afrocuban, brazilian, Flamenco and other styles of “world music”.

I moved back to Spain in December ’00, and recorded a CD untitled “Homemade”, which was aesthetically in the same vein as the initial sextet.

And later on, in 2008, when I produced and recorded “Carvahlos Castle” in Brooklyn NY, these two stylistic musical families where still present, although there were some strokes of a more contemporary and sometimes abstract language.

Nowadays my writing for the sextet is still influenced by these two stylistic families. Although the music I write is constantly in evolution, it is mainly influenced by all the new music I discover and listen to daily. The use of more abstract or expressionistic melodies and harmonies, odd and compound meter time signatures, harmonic influences from western composers of written tradition (impressionistic, expressionistic), and new age or ECM-Jazz now live together with the initial influences in my musical world’ s melting pot. …or at least that’s what I’m trying to do with varying results.

Overall, the new repertoire is eclectic, rhythmic, and quite vibrant. I’m trying to keep the balance and coherence between concrete and abstract music, and between consonance and dissonance, between through composed sections and others that leave freedom for improvisation to the members of the band. The control of the dynamics, the groove, and a varied but homogeneous repertory are some of the qualities of this sextet. The goal is to communicate, to share in the feeling of the moment, and to have fun playing music that incites both joy and adventure in listeners from the novice to the most experienced.